Goatstone is primarily but not exclusively, Jose Collas. I am involved in web development, primary using the technologies JavaScipt, CSS and HTML.

Most recently I have been working with the libraries ReactJS and D3. To see code for various projects go to the Goatstone Github account. You can contact me at IAMNOTAROBOT[AT]goatstone.com

Sorting with React

Animation of selection and insertion sort using ReactJS

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HTML Lab is a place to demonstrate some of the features of HTML, CSS and SVG. Some of these examples will rely on JavaScript for functionality.

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SVG Samples

I have developed a series of SVG graphics using the JavaScript libraries: Snap.svg (http://snapsvg.io ) and StampIt (https://github.com/ericelliott/stampit). This project explores various strategies for implementing SVG graphics, especially animations.

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My favorite JavaScript libray is D3js (d3js.org). "AlphaCronke" is the latest work I have done with this library. The application consists of text from the story, Dickory Cronke by Daniel Defoe and a widget that enables the user to select words by alphabetical range. With this widget the user can highlight the selected words in the text. D3js is the only library used.

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Ameb, a game

Ameb was my entry into the JS13kGames JavaScript competition.
JS13kGames JavaScript competition.

The player of Ameb navigates the character, Ameb, to catch food. Ameb must eat food in order to accumulate health points and stay alive.

Ameb »


I have been working with the sensors on Android and have set up an open source project, AndroidSensorFusion on Github. The Java class com.goatstone.util.SensorFusion gets sensor information from the Android device concerning its motion and place in space. The code takes these values, fuses them and creates values that are far more usable in any given application. The fusion code is based Based on code from Paul Lawitzki which can be found here (thousand-thoughts.com),

github.com/goatstone/AndroidSensorFusion »